Relying on the default setup configurations of Azure will make your cloud environment an easy target for cyber criminals. 

An Azure security review and configuration review identifies misconfigurations in your Azure environment that make it vulnerable to security breaches.

Microsoft Azure is the top cloud choice for corporates and the number of organisations adopting Azure continues to grow. However, it is not uncommon for the default configuration settings to have been used when setting Azure environments up. We see that configuration for functionality tends to be prioritised over security, and this creates a significant security problem. In other words, using default configurations of an ubiquitous technology leaves it open to exploitation by cyber attackers. Meaning attackers are practically invited in with easy access and little risk of identification.

An Azure environment that has been set up incorrectly, uses unsecure default settings, or has had significant changes made to it since deployment, will have security vulnerabilities. Above all, a vulnerable cloud environment will put your organisation at increased risk of cyber attack.

Satalyst’s Microsoft certified Azure cloud and security experts will conduct a comprehensive Azure security review of your deployment. We will benchmark your Azure environment against Microsoft and industry best practice for securing Microsoft Azure.

The Azure security review will identify vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations, settings that are not secure, or bad practices. As a result, we will recommend remediation and security controls that will allow you to quickly reduce the risk to your organisation.

Azure Security Review will investigate configurations and settings in the following control areas:

  • Network Security
  • Identity Management
  • Privileged Access
  • Data protection
  • Asset Management
  • Database Services
  • Logging and Threat Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Posture and Vulnerability Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Governance and Strategy

Shared responsibility model of Azure Security

It is critical to understand the shared responsibility model of Azure and which security tasks Microsoft’s responsibility and which tasks are the subscription owner’s responsibility. In an on-premises datacenter, you (or your organisation) own the whole stack. But, as you move to the Azure cloud, some responsibilities transfer to Microsoft.

However, with all cloud deployment types, the cloud subscription owner owns your data and identities. This means you are responsible for protecting the security of your data and identities, on-premises resources, and the cloud components you control (which varies by service type).

Regardless of the type of deployment, the following responsibilities are always retained by you:

  • Data
  • Endpoints
  • Account
  • Access management
Microsoft Azure Shared Responsibility Model

Your responsibility for security is based on the type of cloud service. The following chart summarises the balance of responsibility for both Microsoft and the subscription owner (you).

Being responsible for your own environment means the slightest misconfiguration could create a critical vulnerability. In the context of cyber security, it is a big deal. If your cloud environment vulnerabilities are discovered by a malicious attacker, it could result in sensitive data exposure and breach of many security regulations.

Or, you could engage Satalyst as your cloud managed services provider and we can take some of that responsibility away from you.

Does your current Azure subscription suit your organisation’s needs?

Microsoft provides state-of-art data centres and security tools that can be used to protect and monitor Azure environments. However, Azure is subscription based and the level security inclusions depends upon the Azure subscription your organisation is using. Satalyst is a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider and can guide you through the subscription levels and help you select the right subscription for your organisation’s needs.

How secure is your Azure environment?

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