Satalyst Brilliance on 27 Feb 2019

Digital Transformation Forecast 2019: Cloud Continues to Roll in, Bringing Cost Savings & Improved Security

Is your business forecasting an Azure migration this year? If you haven’t already started your planning, now is the right time to act. SQL Server 2008 / Windows Server 2008 end of support is just over the horizon. Businesses that leave it too late may have to weather the perfect storm of IT support issues.

Perhaps you have already floated the idea of moving to the cloud in your business? Now it’s time to compare costs and find the right partner to help you navigate the fog of different options. Here are our 3 key tips to help you get it right.

Engage with a Microsoft partner willing to support you post-migration

Your on-prem IT support staff can often find the extra workload post-migration challenging. They may have to work with new products that they are less familiar with. It can also be expensive and impractical to train all staff during a migration.

Satalyst is a Microsoft Gold Partner who specialise in helping businesses optimise and modernise through Azure. Our managed services team know the ins and outs of the myriad of different Azure services so we can tailor these to suit your business.

It is important to take advantage of all the features Azure offers. After migrating, organizations can often redeploy staff onto more interesting and valuable tasks.  Satalyst provide a level 3 support service for your IT staff to escalate Azure requests to. We assist support staff with configuring the extensive range of Azure products and we’re willing to stick with our clients for the long term. This empowers and upskills your IT staff to support the business post-migration.

Buy your licensing from the same partner you migrate with

Cloud solutions are designed to be scalable so you can gain a lot of efficiencies by continuously monitoring and adjusting your subscription licenses. Why pay for services you don’t need or miss out on new features that could drive efficiencies?

As a Microsoft CSP, Satalyst makes it easier for clients to purchase and manage their subscription licenses directly for products such as Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM. We can quickly advise on and apply cost saving changes to licensing as they become available. All this without the hassle of complicated EA licensing agreements.

Streamline business processes to gain more efficiencies and improve security

Security and keeping current with software releases and updates is increasingly critical. It may be time to replace that risky aging hardware that’s costing a fortune to maintain and support. Often clients can make a few minor changes to how they work to gain efficiencies and reduce the risk of security incidents. Businesses require modern tools and a modern approach to security to meet the cyber threats of today.

If you are concerned about end of support and security or want to understand how Azure could improve your business bottom line, contact us now. Emailing today and make your Azure migrations a breeze!